Aluminium foil in rolls and sheets with food safety certificate

for packaging, decorating, storing or keeping fresh products while preserving their natural flavours and colours. Moreover, our extra strong food proof BBQ foil and handy pre-cut aluminium foil pop-up sheets are heat resistant up to 600° Celsius and is therefore also ideal for the meat, poultry and fish processing industry.

Colored food safe aluminum foil

Our coloured aluminium foil sheets range, especially intended for the chocolate and sugar processing industry and chocolate makers is available in up to 20 colours and in any desired size available to measure.

This foil is very flexible so that all details of chocolate products are optimally visible with the great advantage that the aromas of the chocolate are optimally preserved and not exposed to outside influences. Ideal to give your assortment the finishing touch during special occasions and holidays or for example to indicate that the interior of the bonbon/praline is liquid as with cherry chocolates.