Aluminium foil for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

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Aluminium foil for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

EMI foil on aluminium foil base specially developed for protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI)
in technical terms also often called RFI, Radio Frequency Interference.

To reduce these radiations we have developed an aluminium foil with a thickness of 50my (0.05mm) x 1 meter wide so that this foil is not only suitable for insulating small objects or housings against radiation, but can also be used very well to insulate large surfaces, think of (intermediate) walls, as a final layer on insulation materials or for example to process between sheet material of doors etc.

Despite the size of 1 meter wide, this interference film is still useful in use because it is wound on a solid core, available in rolls of 25 m2 or at an extra cost 10 m2 per roll.