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3 in 1 Laminate Subfloor


Fixo 3-in-1 laminate underlay

Fixo 3-in-1 laminate and parquet subfloor based on aluminium..

Aluminized PET tape 10cm x 50m

10cm wide tape covered with a film of aluminium, the adhesiv..

Aluminized PET tape 5cm x 50m

Roll of tape covered with an aluminium film, the adhesive si..

3in1 Laminate subfloor with sound and heat insulation function including integrated vapour barrier especially for floating laminate floors. Optimal values for maximum living comfort:

  • Extruded polyethylene foam
  • Noise reduction of 16 db
  • Aluminium metallized layer
  • Correct irregularities up to 1.5 mm
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.045 W/mK
  • Thermal resistance: 0.07 m² K/W
  • CFC free and rotting resistant
  • Resistant to alkaline agents, household chemicals and impregnating agent
  • These rolls are for sale each, 1 meter wide x 25 meter, thickness 2 millimeter.

Impact sound reduction

Especially with laminate it is important to reduce the contact noise: The FIXO underlay absorbs annoying noise. Walking sounds only half as loud, with a noise reduction of 16 dB it is a pleasure for the ears but certainly for any (under)neighbours.


Laminate without an insulating subfloor on concrete feels colder. Thanks to its excellent heat-insulating properties, our FIXO laminate subfloor avoids direct heat loss through cold coating, so it always stays nice and warm under your feet.

For beautiful laminate flooring that lasts

Due to time constraints, laminate floors are often laid in new homes when concrete screeds are not yet completely dry. This with the risk that later evaporation will moisten the laminate and cause deformation of the floor elements, this risk is reduced to a minimum with this subfloor if used correctly. With the moisture barrier of this FIXO subfloor, the laminate remains dry and free of damage. This is also important if a moisture barrier is prescribed in the installation instructions for your laminate floor in order to claim a manufacturer's guarantee in the event of any damage.

Saving time and costs

Installing loose soundproofing and moisture barriers is cumbersome and a thing of the past with FIXO underlay, lay everything in one operation and save time and money.

End Conclusion

The FIXO laminate subfloor provides all-round protection for floating laminate floors. Made possible by the high-quality combination of vibration-damping foam and the moisture barrier of metallized aluminium foil. This also reduces the adverse effects of moisture on health and more comfort under the feet.

This laminate subfloor should be laid with the aluminium foil facing upwards


We also have special metallized tape in our range to seamlessly connect strips. You can also use this tape to completely seal the connection between subfloor and wall. By compacting with this tape, your floor is optimally insulated and rising damp has no chance.

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Quantity discount on top of our competitive prices
Fast delivery from stock
Top quality for companies & individuals
Delivery throughout Europe