Radiator insulation boards based on aluminium foil

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Radiator insulation boards based on aluminium foil

These radiator insulation plates to insulate your radiator are made of polyurethane foam and are covered on both sides with aluminium foil. The panel has vertical notches (the laminated side) for flexible processing of the insulation panels.

  • Highly resistant to pressure, rot resistant and odourless
  • Fire resistant according to class B2. DIN 4102
  • Resistant to a temperature of 110° C, momentary to 220° Celsius
  • Resistant to diluted acids, oils, greases, construction and wood preservatives

Conductivity 0.030 W/mK.
Lock value as a vapour barrier: sd-value = 550 m equivalent air layer thickness.

Insulation without gluing or drilling

The insulation panels can easily be fixed by cutting cubes of polystyrene foam, for example (available at any DIY store or perhaps you have some more that has served as filling material in a packaging). Simply clamp the panels against the wall by placing the custom-made mounting blocks between the panel and the radiator. This way you can easily dismantle and temporarily store the panels in the summer, for example.

Installing panels by means of gluing

The substrate must be absorbent, load-bearing and clean. If necessary, cut the insulation boards to size beforehand. Fasten with dispersion adhesive, apply to the laminated side of the insulation board, apply the adhesive evenly with a toothed glue comb. Press the insulating board firmly against the wall, if necessary temporarily fix it until the adhesive is dry.


Significant savings on heating costs thanks to the excellent insulation values. This is due to the high heat reflection inside through the aluminium foil. The aluminium foil also acts as a vapour barrier and thus prevents condensation and mould growth on walls behind radiators, while the coarse grain relief also looks decorative.