Aluminium Embossing foil

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Aluminium Embossing foil

Embossen with aluminium foil is very nice to do, with our soft but extra thick aluminium craft foil you can make the most beautiful creations. We supply the hobby foil and you think of the pieces. ''Also a fun activity to do with children, it's something else than playing on a tablet''.

How many people are not looking for a fun hobby, just something different than usual?
Immerse yourself in the embossing on aluminum foil, who knows this is what for you. Once you are skilled in it, the possibilities are unprecedented, from super nice greeting cards to the most beautiful photo frames, there are 1001 applications to think of.

Look for some information and a world will open up for you, from hobbyist to professional artists, there are millions of practitioners who create the most beautiful pieces of work. There are thousands of photos and videos available and many websites with useful tips. Take a random search engine and search: Aluminium embossing art

With our special Embossing foil (available on rolls and sheets) it is possible to draw all these figures in relief,
the possibilities are endless, have fun...