Colored Display window and Theater aluminium foil

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Colored Display window and Theater aluminium foil

Coloured THEATERFOLIE directly available from stock on rolls of 1 meter wide and in lengths of 10 or 50 meters. Coloured aluminium theatre foil is very decorative and available in 7 standard colours. Our decoration foil ''soft''' is also non-flammable and with a thickness of 0,020 mm it is easy to shape.

Safe display with aluminium decoration foil

Metallised plastic film or sheets of paper are often used for decorating, but they have a major disadvantage: they are highly flammable and therefore not recommended for use in public areas and are usually not permitted due to fire regulations. To eliminate the risks of fire, we offer a range of non-flammable decorative aluminium foil.

Our theatre foil is also very suitable for decorating and displaying and for use in, among other things:
Theatre performance, Displaying, Catering establishments, Festivities, Pallet/Carnival cars, TV studios...

The film has a colored and a silver side and is available in the following standard colors:
silver/silver | gold/silver | red/silver | purple/silver | green/silver | blue/silver | black/silver