Wild protection with reflective aluminium foil

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Wild protection with reflective aluminium foil

Wild protection film to protect animals and humans from accidents. An effective and cheap solution against collisions with game and wildlife damage to fields and meadows. The specially shaped balls are embossed directly into red aluminium foil and provide optimum reflection of light coming from vehicle headlights.

The aluminium wild reflection foil on a roll is easy to wrap around trees, lampposts and/or traffic poles and is manufactured in such a way that when approaching a vehicle, the light is reflected by the red aluminium foil, light rays that produce a dense optical protective fence through a constant movement of the vehicle. As a result, the game remains standing and crosses the road only after the visual appearance has completely disappeared.

The red colour also has a shock-effect on wildlife, whereas drivers are not blinded by the red reflection light.

* Also suitable for prevention in the agricultural sector, the possibilities are unlimited.