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There is a lot to choose from in the aluminium foil market. Because of the differences in quality and purity, it is sometimes difficult to be the forest for the trees. Our goal is to be transparent and open about the possibilities we can offer you in the field of aluminium foil. That is why we offer you only one quality: the best. All our films are of the highest purity and are produced in Europe. Because we have direct contact with the producers, we can guarantee a constant quality with every order.

Competent employees will help you further

Our employees understand the business. If you let us know your wishes about the application, the thickness and the dimensions, they will make you a very competent proposal. Aluminiumfolie.nl is proud to be a true specialist when it comes to professional films. Aluminium foil for the professional user who knows exactly what he wants, or for the professional who sometimes wants to exchange ideas with an expert to come to the most ideal solution for an application. From entrepreneurs in the construction industry to professionals in the chocolate industry, our employees know what's going on in the market and are aware of the legislation and sustainability requirements imposed on aluminium.

We are also your partner for custom-made solutions

Our customers place high demands on flexibility and quality. Our loyalty to deadlines and our reliability are important factors that determine that our customers keep coming back. Our aluminium foil - warehouses are spread all over Europe. This is an important criterion for our competitive position. We offer you the choice of more than 1,000 different aluminium foil products in thicknesses from 0.008 to 0.300 mm in quality 99.0/99.5% pure aluminium, both in soft, ½ hard and hard execution.

Because all our aluminium foil is manufactured in Europe, we can supply you with your custom solution relatively quickly. Because we work with several leading manufacturers we guarantee the most competitive price/quality ratio. Moreover, we buy large in and make use of volume discounts. We pass on this price advantage directly to you as a customer, so that you get your order delivered at the best price.

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You can also contact us by e-mail: info@aluminiumfolie.nl

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